Homemade Eye Candy

Quaint finds...

Joe Hobo up-cycled, wearable, denim accessories and home embellishments, are interesting and fun. Special care goes into her selection and design of each cut of fabric and unique product. Because most of the materials she uses are recycled in some way, many of her products are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. 

The Half Hex

Named for its angular, base, the Half Hex Reversible hobo comes in multiple colors and styles. One of the most common styles is the recycled denim stripe.


The deep totes are often made from recycled cuts of denim, but also come in a variety of non-denim, and sometimes custom designed fabrics.

Poufs and Bean Bag Chairs

Joey's favorite is the Apple Jack Pouf, pictured to the left but she'll make them from any worthy cut of durable fabric.


The warm and cool weather infinity scarves come in different shades and lengths. The one pictured to the left is called the neck blanket.


If one of Joey's creations can season your day with just a little fun, she's done her job. She hopes you're inspired to  enjoy her creations when you wear them, travel with them or prop your feet up on them.

About Joey

Joey is a mom and a creative. By day she operates Bulb Graphics, LLC, a boutique, graphic design agency she established in 1998.  Joey is also a fledgling, photographer, and a maker of other fun things. Her eclectic creativity has inspired her to dabble in wood working, dough molding, and painting. To find out what products Joey has in stock, contact her using the email/chat tab below.

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